About Prycto

Prycto was created to accelerate the success of the decentralized digital economy, focusing on the intersection of financial services with Blockchains and cryptocurrencies. We create solutions on-chain, leveraging our deep experience in digital security and intelligent systems. Prycto is paving the roads of a more secure, more decentralized financial infrastructure.

Why Prycto? We make crypto liquidity happen

Our experience in highly secure, scalable technology and background in cryptocurrency gives us an advantage over typical liquidity firms and market makers.

Algorithmic Trading Expertise

Prycto systems are faster and smarter, created by a team with a background in advanced algorithm driven systems.

Global Presence

Offices in Gibraltar, Tel Aviv, the US, and Asia.

Decentralized Ecosystem Specialists

The future is decentralized, and Prycto specializes in decentralized exchanges, protocols and applications.

On Chain Everything

We are committed to advancing blockchain, and everything we do is on chain.

Founding Team

Leor Tasman
Leor Tasman

Crypto badger, tech startup leader

Eyal Farhi
Eyal Farhi

Cyber security expert, emerging tech geek, surf spirit

Liel Villa
Liel Villa
Chief Scientist

HFT, algorithm developer, entrepreneur, dad

Partnering and Integrating with the best in crypto