We see improved digital asset liquidity as a key to the success of the burgeoning space. Prycto is committed to the growth of blockchains, cryptocurrency, and the decentralized digital economy. Our team is focused on innovating at the intersection of financial services and technology – specializing in secure, automated technology to safely move digital liquidity at any scale. 

Liquidity Infrastructure

The pace of innovation in digital assets has outpaced infrastructure development. Prycto is solving this with our digital liquidity infrastructure platform that accelerates and secures our own service delivery.

Dedicated Market Makers

The success of any exchange or token is liquidity. As dedicated market makers, Prycto is uniquely focused on creating a more tradeable digital asset ecosystem – bridging centralized and decentralized exchanges, managing tight spreads, and keeping both sides of order books constant liquid.

Decentralized Specialists

The future of cryptocurrency and digital assets will be increasingly decentralized. Prycto is deeply integrated into decentralized exchanges, protocols, and applications.

Innovative Liquidity Solutions

One size does not fit all. Whether you are bootstrapping liquidity, stimulating low liquidity assets, supporting large scale liquidity needs, or searching for a unique solution for a new digital asset class – Prycto is uniquely positioned to help.


Digital Asset Liquidity Platform as a Service

One of the biggest challenges with digital asset and cryptocurrency liquidity is the lack of infrastructure. Prycto has created a digital asset liquidity platform that acts as an interstate highway system connecting the crypto ecosystem of centralized and decentralized exchanges, price feeds, market data and more – enabling liquidity to be moved quickly and securely.


Market Making & Liquidity

As a leading market maker in cryptocurrency, Prycto focuses on client success first by optimizing for tight spreads and constant liquidity. Prycto has developed proprietary technology for HFT (high frequency trading,) OTC trading, and solutions for large scale liquidity deployment.


Automated Noncustodial OTC

Custodial risk is one of the key issues facing token issuers who are looking to improve asset liquidity. LightPool is an open source solution for noncustodial trading. Prycto designed LightPool to allow token issuers to deploy tokens while maintaining custody, but leverage Prycto’s trading expertise.


Leading Edge Protocols and Decentralized Applications

Prycto is committed to advancing the digital assets and decentralization, With early support for decentralized exchanges, new protocols, unique token projects, and open sourcing our own noncustodial OTC wallet, Prycto is investing the future.

Find out how we can help

If you are preparing to bring your digital currency product and would like like help bootstrapping liquidity, or if you are ready to take your existing token to the next level – let’s schedule a conversation.